Wednesday, March 17, 2010

recommendations, east sydney

I've been working at my current office for over a year now, and have discovered the following gems tucked around the "East Sydney" (still not a suburb according to Australia Post) region:

Kakawa Chocolates, 147 William Street - I think I first read about it in one of those free city magazines that get handed out at train stations, and it caught my eye because it stocks $5 ice cream sandwiches. Not really the weather for those now, but I picked up some chocolate coated macadamias and chocolate covered meringues when I dropped in the other day. Would love to try the green tea praline next time.

Miss Chu's, 1/150 Bourke Street, just off William Street - the rice paper rolls will set you back $6 per serve, but they're definitely a step up from the 2 boxes for $5 rolls you can get from Hunter Connection in the city after 3pm. They were a big hit at our Christmas picnic in the park last year.

Bar Reggio, 135 Crown Street - for the trecolore pizza, although my colleague always goes for the Australiana (bacon and eggs)...

Big Boy Thai, 82 Stanley Street - call them up to place your order and it'll be ready before you leave the office to collect it.

Lord Roberts Hotel, corner Stanley and Riley Streets - great rooftop, huge lunch specials, my friend gets cravings for their skinnier-than-Maccas chips.

East Sydney Hotel, corner Cathedral and Crown Streets - the pub with no pokies! Yay.

Other regular haunts: Toby's Estate for mid-morning pick-me-ups, Sweet Infinity for mid-afternoon pick-me-ups, Verde, La Mint and Just Another Restaurant for special occasion lunches.

As much as I bemoaned the food choices around here when I first started, it's really grown on me. I'll miss it when I move on in October.

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  1. You're making me drool!

    Wow, I have to try the rice paper rolls at Miss Chu's. I love rice paper rolls, and anything Vietnamese! Although one has to admit the Hunter rolls are pretty good value. There's lots of cheap stuff (boxes of rice/meat etc) selling in there after 3pm!