about me

why flapflap?

when I first started to review at eatability, I found that my traditional nom de plume, hunnyb, had been taken. flapflap was chosen out of a desire to maintain the air-borne nature of that name and the fact that flapflap sounds like a type of food, albeit a very American one.

why hunnyb?

bees can make honey, but they sure can sting. as for the strange spelling, I was 15 when I came up with it and thought I was way too clever for my own good

more about me

  • originally from newcastle, australia via canada and hong kong
  • currently running the rat race in sydney
  • escaped the ivory tower in 2008
  • serving the public until october 2010
  • can't resist dark chocolate, pickles and any type of asian dessert
  • willing to eat pretty much anything else
  • love my cat, my family and chapflap