Tuesday, March 23, 2010

nsw school of massage student massages, city

My work friend (the same one who inspired an insatiable Harry's Hot Dog craving the other day) put me onto this beauty service a couple of weeks ago and I've become hooked. For $30 ($25 for your first time), you can have an hour's massage from a student who is supervised. Sure, it's in a room with about 10 other people, but I actually find I personally prefer that to the whole one-on-one massage experience (in which I inevitably start thinking, "should I start talking? Will he/ she initiates a conversation?") And they're very good with the towel maneuvering to ensure no awkward flashing occurs (although the room is nicely darkened, and soft soothing music plays in the background).

Student massages are currently available on Thursday mornings from 10am to 1:30pm and on Saturdays. It's in a good location too for popping out to during work hours if your boss happens to be working from home, plus you feel as though you're helping the students out tin a way. The quality of the massage has varied a little bit (as in they've all been good, just some better than others), but for $30, I'm not complaining!

NSW School of Massage
Level 1, 225 Clarence Street (closest cross-road is Market Street)
Sydney NSW 2000

Bookings essential (they only bring in as many students as bookings) on (02) 9262 2654

You can get more information here


  1. Wow, I have to try this, certainly is in a very convenient city location.

    I miss Thailand though... 120B for a 1 hr massage in Chiang Mai (that's $4 AUD!)

    Is it possible to be clothed for these though?!

  2. Yes, add it to your lunchtime activities (along with the sleep pods! Are you still going to those? :)) I think you do have to get unclothed... but I find it's not too bad, they're very good with the towel maneuvering!