Monday, March 15, 2010

dong ba, cabramatta

A return visit yesterday following our discovery of this treasure on Valentine's Day. The plates of lettuce/ bean sprouts they provide for your pho/ other chosen noodle are enough to feed a small child. I love the duck and bamboo shoot rice noodles at the bargain basement price of $9. The duck comes on a separate plate, ready to be enjoyed on its vinegary own or dunked in the garlic sauce. The soup comes with an added bonus of a couple of blocks of 豬紅 (coagulated pig's blood), but you can always pick those out.

This time, we also tried the special pho, spanner crab and grilled fish noodles, spring roll vermicelli and pig's knuckle noodles. Only disappointment was that the coffee didn't come with the traditional drip-drip gadget that I invariably make a mess with. Plenty of condensed milk though to cut through the savoury soup goodness.

Finished the afternoon off with an avocado shake from the Thai place in the pedestrian mall (don't know the name sorry... just that it features delicious fried snacks in the front). Apparently it took 3 avocados to make my regular sized drink. No wonder I didn't need dinner last night...

Dong Ba Restaurant
Shop 5, 117 John Street
Cabramatta NSW 2166

(02) 9723 0336

Open 7 days

Also at Shop 6, 40 Park Street, Cabramatta and 296 Chapel Road South, Bankstown

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