Sunday, May 31, 2009

the changing face of regent place, city

Went in search of mochi today after recalling this particularly memorable post from eatshow&tell. Unfortunately Shu Shin Bou's already closed down, as has a frozen yoghurt place called White Apple that my friend was going to take me to on another friend's recommendation.

Sign of the times, ey?

On a brighter note, I did notice that Bonta Vita had printed out a copy of here comes the food's review and stuck it on its window. Good work guys :)

Regent Place
501 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Update 2 June 2009: appears that a selection of mochi from Shu Shin Bou is available in front of Miracle Supermarket, World Square, corner of George and Liverpool Streets. So all's not lost!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


As you can readily see, this blog hasn't been updated since January - basically when I started full time work. Apologies.

Here are some highlights from the past couple of months:

Green tea marshmallow, Tetsuya's, Sydney - chapflap and I went for Valentine's Day; it was a lovely night capped off by 4 courses of dessert. My kind of restaurant...!

Macarons, Sweet Infinity, "East Sydney" - continuing the dessert theme, these gorgeous pink temptations lure me into this patisserie on a regular basis. Sometimes they're fluoro pink, sometimes they're a baby girl pink - I've been told that it just depends on the mood of the baker on the day. Delicious with a coffee and a sure-fire way to make the afternoon just a bit more bearable. East Sydney is in quotations because according to Australia Post it's not a real suburb; despite that we use it for all our work correspondence with no problems.

Eggplant with honey, Soni's, Newtown
- an unusual combination which worked. The other big hit of the night was glasses of rosé; I went with the Madame Special cocktail instead. Yum.

Hummus, Sultan's Table, Enmore - "Sultan's Table?" my cousin asked when I told her where we were going for dinner that night, "isn't that where all the foodbloggers go?" Nooo, I exercised a completely free choice in selecting where to head before seeing Shane Warne: The Musical (see it before the season finishes, it's great!) The mixed plate of dips was colourful and flavoursome - will have to head back soon for more hummus (my favourite dip of the night) and to try some baklava (was too full that night). Definitely book ahead - we saw so many people get turned away (it was a Saturday night) - but if you can't get a seat, you could always get take-away...

Mother's Day lunch, Athol Hall, Bradleys Head
- this function centre located just beyond Taronga Zoo has wonderful views and delicious food. We attemped to walk off our 3-course feast afterwards by wandering around the boardwalk just below the restaurant. Even though it's mainly a function centre, the place does serve lunch/afternoon tea Tuesday to Friday and Sunday. Highly recommended, but call ahead to double check that they're not closing for a function or fully booked (as the balcony where they serve lunch/afternoon tea is fairly compact).

Graduation dinner, Zilver, Sydney
- after 5 long years, I was very grateful to be joined by family (including relatives from overseas) and friends in celebrating my graduation. There's a minimum charge of $650 if you want a private room, which we easily met because we had a table of 14, as well as a karaoke room if you're into that kind of thing and mahjong tables available for an additional $50 (the restaurant opens at 5pm for dinner, so you can get in a couple of rounds before you eat). Above average Cantonese fare matched by good service, this is also nice for yum cha because it serves more interesting dim sum than your typical prawn dumplings and siu mai. You can see a rather trippy photo from the dinner here at my cousin's blog :)

Now, here's hoping I won't make you wait another 4 months before another post...