Tuesday, March 23, 2010

rahmen genki, artarmon

My type of magazine shoot!! :)

Rahmen Genki is right next to Sushi-Ya in the alley on the quiet side of Artarmon station. Mum and Dad vetoed my vote to go to Rahmen Genki for lunch, so in revenge, I dragged chapflap there the next day. There's water and Japanese magazines while you wait (which wasn't for very long in our case, because we went at a relatively non-busy time of 2pm on a Sunday, but there were still other tables of people).

It was an unseasonably hot autmum day (leading one of my colleagues to post a rant on facebook about climate change sceptics!) so I went for the cold ramen ($13). Refreshing and lots of vegies, I particularly liked the strongly mirin stock/ sauce.

Chapflap's tonkotsu ramen ($11). Comes with little portions of pickled ginger (check out the super-cute tiny tongs on top of the ginger container!) and cabbage. Look how well-behaved chapflap is in not attacking his ramen as soon as he arrives, rather, waiting until I've snapped away with my camera. I didn't even have to ask him! In my words: well-trained. In his (and possibly many other male's): WHIPPED!

After being told he was allowed to eat (I kid...) chapflap discovered a definite lack of pork in his rahmen. The waitress was very apologetic and brought the above dish out, saying she'd forgot to bring it out in the first instance. I have to say though, it's a little bit on the stingy side for a serving of pork, epsecially compared to Gumshara/ On Ramen etc!

Rahmen Genki
10 Wilkes Avenue
Artarmon NSW 2064

Open 6 days a week for lunch and dinner - closed Tuesdays

(02) 9410 3777

Cash only (leading my Mum to say "it must be run by Cantonese people!". Us being Cantonese, we might be able to say such things... but Ryo's is cash only, and definitely run by Japanese people. The people we dealt with at Rahmen Genki all appeared to be Japanese)

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