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grab your fork
not quite nigella
one bite more
the way it crumbles
simon food favourites
the unbearable lightness of being hungry
beansprout's cafe
a table for two
eat show and tell
does my bomb look big in this?
here comes the food
penguin says feed me!
spoon fork and chopsticks
the always hungry sormuijai
I am obsessed with food
pikelet and pie
tasted by two
spicy icecream
yaya's yum yums
pigged out
phuoc'n delicious - I wish I had a risque name so I could incorporate it into a cool blog title (in fact, I do have a sort of risque last name but as for how to make it into a blog title, I'm not sure) - see fantastic recipe here
nom it like it's hot - and for the kitteh who says "nom nom nom" while he/she eats, go here
the heart of food
spread my butter