Thursday, April 15, 2010

bar 333, city

Had a triple-decker toasted sandwich tonight (Thursday) with my friend who induces me into eating hot dogs.

I think it was missing that essential club sandwich ingredient which makes them taste so great (and which brings me back to childhood days in HK) - mayonnaise.

I could've stolen some off my friend, who had chips with mayonnaise (which is basically aioli minus the garlic).

Worth popping in though considering its convenient location and $10 cocktails (tonight they had lychee martinis, something with apple, the "Ni How Ma" featuring watermelon and ginger and a passionfruit caprioska, which was very nice) on Thursday and Saturday nights.

Bar 333
333 George Street (near cnr Martin Place)
Sydney NSW 2000


  1. So is aioli just a fancy word for mayonnaise plus garlic? Why does food-speak have to be so complicated?

  2. Yes! Because would you buy "mayonnaise with garlic" for $5 a tub? :)

    PS Get back to studying! Were you on here before or after your facebooking?!