Thursday, April 22, 2010

recent food obsessions

  • cup-a-soup (why must you contain 26% of my daily recommended intake on sodium?)
  • sourdough bread
  • vegetable juice (so then I don't have to make the effort of actually cooking vegetables for dinner, right?)
  • Hokkaido milk loaf from a bakery on Burwood Road, Burwood - as my cousin says it goes well with cup-a-soup. Must make it there to get a loaf before I finish my multiple packets of cup-a-soup (Woolworths, why do you make them 99c a box containing 2 packets? That's just plain evil. My sodium levels are currently through the roof). I've had the loaf before and it is delicious, I'm just not sure how it'd go with cup-a-soup!


  1. * re "cup-a-soup": because it's better than 27%?
    * Make sure you choose the right cup-a-soup-Hokkaido combination: chicken & corn is the best. Mmm...

    Mind you, this comes to you inspired by the cuisine of a culture that regularly combines sweet with salty: bbq pork buns, anyone? :)

    By the way, has aloe vera juice made it to Sydney yet? Otherwise I'll have to go on a two month de-detoxing diet in June!

  2. Will it be problematic if there are croutons in the chicken & corn? Too much carbs? (but I don't think there's ever such a thing... see my veggie hot dog from Harry's Woolloomooloo post for example :))

    Yes, I love sweet and salty!! I should add to the list of food obsessions: I want to try the Taiwanese coffees that are popping up around the place advertising that they are served with sea salt! They also seem to sprinkle it on chocolate. I knew I loved Taiwan for a reason! :)

    Never fear, aloe vera juice is available in plentiful supply here in Sydney. You mean the sweet, slightly thick liquid with little bits of aloe floating around in it, right? I'll stock up for you in anticipation (chapflap's family buy it in bulk... so you're not the only one addicted!)