Sunday, April 18, 2010

northside produce markets (again), north sydney

My loot, featuring:

1. Marshmallows from Sweetness the Patisserie ($15). Gena, the owner, was there and lovely and friendly as usual. We actually first discovered Sweetness during a trip to the Rouse Hill Markets (which Gena said no longer run, which is a shame - just like the Cook and Phillip Park markets no longer run! And that was part of the reason I chose to go to where I work at the moment, haha!), then we saw her again at our first trip to the Northside Produce Markets, and then we made a pilgrimage to Epping. So soft, so fruity, so yum! On another note, why not combine a trip to Epping for marshmallows with a visit to Sam's Cafe? We've been there once after chapflap went to the Croydon one ages ago, and it was good fun. Obscure location though!!

2. 2 packs of macadamia nuts from Jelbonleigh Estate ($15 each or $28 for 2). Unfortunately the honey roasted ones turned out to be "best before March 2010" but they still taste alright

3. 2 smoked rainbow trout from Snowy Mountains Trout ($20 altogether). I asked the guy whether they have anything to do with Eucumbene Trout Farm as it's on my list of places to visit (we went trout fishing in Adelaide and had a great time) and he said that they get their trout from there.

4. 1 tub of Over the Moon creme fraiche for making rillettes with ($6)

5. 1 pack of Italian flatbread from Casa Mia Biscotti for eating the rillettes with

6. A pumpkin loaf ($6.50) from La Tartine - one of those delicious breads that you can eat on its own

7. A tayberry pie ($10) from Rowan Farm ((02) 4887 7307) - a tayberry was described to me as "a cross between a raspberry and a boysenberry"

8. 2 punnet of grape tomatoes ($5 altogether or $3 a punnet) from J & S Zammit. I've been known to eat entire punnets of grape tomatoes in one sitting. Yum.

9. 1 small tub of passionfruit and mango yoghurt from Gourmet Goodies (20 Patterson St, Ermington - phone (02 9638 0014) for $4.

The total damage? All the cash I had left in my wallet after a big night featuring Star Bar (where I got ID'd for the first time in ages! Score!), Harts Pub and Greenbox...

On the way home through Greenwood Plaza I spotted a new stationery shop called Typo. It's like kikki.k/smiggle on crack! Bulldog clips featuring swear words (perfect for the office!), acerbic greeting cards and retro clocks. So tempted, but was already struggling to get home with the above loot (plus an additional bottle of wine and 6 pack of beer for a dinner we're going to tomorrow night!) My research now shows that Typo is an offshoot of the Cotton On clothing chain. You can find one (Typo that is, not Cotton on) near you here.

Northside Produce Markets
Held 3rd Sunday of each month
8am to 12 noon
Miller Street (between Ridge and McLaren Streets, near Stanton Library and the Council)
North Sydney NSW 2060


  1. Heh, I can relate to the grape/cherry tomato addiction!

    That's a bit disappointing about the nuts though, you wouldn't like to be given something with 1 month expiry remaining, let alone 1 month after!!

  2. Yes, I thought of you when I got the grape tomatoes! :) I love them (in fact polishing off a packet right now... nom nom nom).

    I don't think the expired nuts were intentional though. So it's alright. I'm eating them as well (and nothing's happened so far... let's wait til later tonight!)

    Now, you get back to studying, I'll get back to work, and I'll see you soon! :)

  3. Mum's still alive and well after eating the chocolate that had been expired 2 years. So I think nuts would be OK after 1 month :)

    PS Thanks for the fruit! when are you going to post about your upside down cake?

    PPS You could join Daring Bakers challenges if you want to do cool baking stuff! have you seen some of the stuff they cook though?

  4. Good to hear she's ok! I actually spoke to her last night :)

    Yes, upside down cake! Must find recipe and cerate. Daring Bakers is way too hard core for a mere amateur such as I :) Plus I'm so bad at committing to things (case in point here, with the blog... 10 entries one month, then 1 entry every 10 months after that...)