Thursday, April 22, 2010

balloonaway, broadmeadow (newcastle)

During high school, there were 2 regular types of gifts given by friends to each other - flowers and balloons. Obviously they are fairly predictable choices for gifts, particularly between teenage girls of limited income, made even more attractive by the high visibility of the gifts as they were carried around by the birthday girl.

The fact that Balloonaway and Belflora were about 10 minutes walk away from our school didn't hurt either.

I rang Balloonaway this morning to arrange a delivery for my friend's engagement party on Saturday. There were a fair few places I found on the internet that don't deliver on Saturdays, so I had my fingers crossed that they would. Michelle who answered the phone was super helpful and recommended a "Engagement bouquet" which could be delivered to the house on Saturday for a flat delivery fee of $20. The bouquet (featuring a Congratulations foil balloon, a collection of "Happy Engagement" balloons - who knew they'd have something so specific - and apparently some other helium balloons) sounds like just what I was looking for (and here's the part I'm hoping my friend doesn't read this blog) and only cost the princely sum of $48. Considering that I was looking at getting a hamper delivered which would cost upwards of $100 (plus they didn't turn out to deliver on Saturdays, but this is actually another Hunter Region service I would recommend as they did a great job with a friend's birthday the other year - Hobby Hampers), I was chuffed.

Hopefully it'll turn out nicely. The part I'm most worried about is how the message will turn out on the card, considering some of these specimens on Cakewrecks.

100 - 102 Bunker Road
Adamstown NSW 2289

(02) 4969 2244

You can find more information here

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