Thursday, November 20, 2008

toan thang, flemington

I know NQN over at notquitenigella is considering a career as a professional xiao long bao taster. I think I'd like to try my hand at being a professional pho sampler. What better way to celebrate the end of uni than by tucking into an oversized, steaming bowl of beef noodle soup... topped off with a glass of refreshing coconut drink?

Everything that you should need to enjoy your pho. Even more chillis in the small silver cannister...

The obligatory bean sprouts/ mint leaves/ lemon. You can choose to have the bean sprouts pre-cooked or raw.

Yay, special beef noodle soup - $9. We both had the same thing, so that's the only photo you get of the food this time. The special beef noodle soup is special because it has things in it apart from the thinly sliced beef, like beef balls and tripe and tendons. If you're not into that there's the conventional beef noodle soup for $7.50. If you're not into noodle soup there's stir fried noodles of the egg and rice varieties, tomato rice, spring rolls...

Coconut drink - $3. There are all the other usual Vietnamese drink offerings too like red bean ice and three colour ice.

You can understand why there's a perennial line outside this restaurant, especially on Saturdays when it feeds the hordes of hungry Flemington market shoppers. When it gets busy you'll tend to have to share the tables (all fitting around 6 people) with others if you're a group of less than 6. It's not really a problem though considering how quickly they get the food out and it kind of adds to the atmosphere of the place.

Toan Thang
Shop 9/ 90 The Crescent
Flemington NSW 2140

(02) 9764 3687

Open 7 days

The shop is tucked into a little arcade on the non-Flemington market side of Flemington station. If it is completely packed there are other restaurants around the arcade to take on the overflow. Council parking nearby, and within walking distance of Flemington station.


  1. Haha excellent, I can be to resident XLB taste and you can be the Pho one. Sounds good to me! :)

  2. Along with pho I think I'd like to add creme brulee to my tasting repetoire!