Saturday, November 22, 2008

casa asturiana, city

How do you feed 34 hungry students who have just endured their last set of exams? Tapas, of course!

Casa Asturiana was willing to take a booking on a Friday night without a deposit which I was pretty impressed with. We had already tried to book Encasa (50% deposit required) and Miro (no bookings of more than 8 on a Friday)...

Unfortunately didn't manage to snap all the food, so this is more a representative sample. We had the $45 a head tapas and paella banquet, which comes with the choice of a jug of sangria for every 5 people or casadiellas (a cinnamon pastry dessert). The owner said most people opt for the sangria - we ordered half-half and then added extra sangria on top ($11 a jug) - I think the all sangria option is the better one (the dessert wasn't that good, but the sangria was great).

Appetiser of roast almonds

The first of the mixed salads - I'm not sure what the orange sauce was...

The second of the salads - nice and fresh

Marinated capsicums. Yum :)

Marinated artichokes. Not everyone's cup of tea apparently (but I liked it)

The start of the tapas dishes - there were prawns...


Meatballs... and I didn't manage to take photos of the chorizo, mushrooms and chicken.

Giant paella! There's a choice between seafood or chicken. We ordered some seafood and some chicken but unfortunately they came out all seafood. It was very nice though - lots of fish in the rice as well as all the goodies on top.

The dessert - casadiellas. They reminded me of sausage rolls (even the filling looked a bit like sausage roll filling!) Note the large amount of cash in the background (moneys!!)

I was a little worried after reading the reviews at eatability but I shouldn't have been - the food was great (and served in copious amounts!), the staff friendly and helpful and the restaurant itself bright and cheerful. We were seated upstairs in a little section of our own and were treated to a dance performance at around 8:30pm.

I read in the Good Food Guide 2009 that the best tapas in the Spanish Quarter is at Capitan Torres and Miro - but most of us agreed that Capitan Torres is a bit salty. Will have to try Miro with a smaller group next time!

Casa Asturiana
77 Liverpool Street
Sydney NSW 2000

(02) 9264 1010

Open for lunch and dinner, 7 days

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