Sunday, November 23, 2008

penrith valley oranges, penrith

I've become addicted to pick-your-own orchards since our trip to Young last year for cherries. Unfortunately this is only the third time I've actually been able to act on my addiction, but I plan on dragging chapflap to Port Macquarie for Ricardoes strawberries sometime in the future (unless we make it to Sunny Ridge in Victoria first). We've also been macadamia picking at Yarramalong, but that only resulted in a small bounty (on the scale of difficulty of fruit picking based on my very limited experience, I'd place cherries at the bottom, oranges next then macadamias on the top!)

Pick-your-own oranges are charged at $2 per kilo. There are also pre-picked oranges for sale in the shed. Before you rush off to get them though, unfortunately Penrith Valley Oranges is closed for the season - until July 2009! We actually got there on the last day of operation for the season.

Oranges in their natural environment

They're a bit camera-shy!

Our 7.5kg haul. As usual, I got a bit over-enthusiastic. Unlike the time we went cherry picking though, I didn't have the equivalent amount of fruit in my stomach...

There's a very friendly Dalmatian that lives at the orchard, along with some horses (one of which chapflap managed to incite to something bordering on equine violence...)

Penrith Valley Oranges
800 Castlereagh Road
Castlereagh NSW 2749

(02) 4776 2332

Now closed for the season, but during the season it is open from Fridays to Sundays 9am to 5pm

More information available here


  1. Yay! the comments are working now.

    Just wanted to say how much I love the nickname "chapflap", hehehe, it's funny.

    Also you need to slow down with your posting! every time I visit, there's at least 3 new posts! How do you do so many things in your week? :)

  2. Don't worry, the posting will be slowing right down now... unless people want to read about knee oeprations!

    Chapflap said he would prefer another name, but I vetoed his suggestion! :)