Saturday, November 15, 2008

friendship oriental seafood restaurant, beverly hills

I apologise in advance for the quality of the photos... it was late, I had just been pacing the baggage carousels at the airport waiting for chapflap and I didn't have my proper camera with me...

We've been to this restaurant time and time again, most often after a marathon karaoke session. It's open until 2am and features a cheap-as-chips late night supper menu. For example, our bill came to only $19.60 (with a 20c per person tea charge). Can't complain about that. I think there is a minimum charge though per person - around $6-7?

Wonton noodles - $3.80. Chapflap's hand provides a useful comparison for the size of the bowl! By the way, what is it with Chinese restaurants and pink tablecloths?!

Roast duck rice noodles - also $3.80. The rice noodles are not the usual ones found in for example char kiew teow but a rounder, shorter one.

"Little boat" congee, a rice porridge with peanuts, squid, tripe and other bits and pieces. I know it doesn't sound too appetising but it's perfect comfort food - $8.80.

Deep fried dough sticks to accompany the congee (or as my friend calls them, oil fried ghosts - in reference to a literal translation of their colloquial name) - $2.80.

The menu also features a deep fried bun served with condensed milk - something my friend of the oil fried ghosts always insists on getting. It's a real heart-stopper! I'm not sure what the actual dinner menu is like (we always have the late night supper dishes) but I saw lots of people ordering the salt and pepper prawns.

Friendship Oriental Seafood Restaurant
477 King Georges Road
Beverly Hills NSW 2209

(02) 9586 3288

Open 5pm-2am 7 days

There's a council carpark nearby or if you're lucky spots along King Georges Road (if they're not all taken up by the Beverly Hills Hotel revellers!)



    you know what's better....CONDENSE MILK DRINK!!!!

  2. Look who's back from Japan! Where's my vending machine merchandise??