Sunday, November 23, 2008

galston strawberries at 359, galston

There's nothing quite like farm fresh strawberries. Got this beautiful tray for $5 from an orchard in Galston, just west of Hornsby.

Also got a box of peaches for $8.

It's pretty close to to Berowra Waters, home to the 2009 SMH Good Food Guide's Best New Restaurant of the Year, Berowra Waters Inn. Why not make a day of it and grab some fresh produce on the way to a fabulous meal? (I haven't been so lucky as to have been to Berowra Waters Inn myself, I'm just going by the review at eatshowandtell)

Galston Strawberries at 359
359 Galston Road
Galston NSW 2159

Only on weekends only in September from 8am to 5pm
Open 7 days from October to April - 8am to 5pm

More information can be found here


  1. Oooh wow, huge peaches! Were they juicy and sweet? I like the idea of combining Berowra Waters Inn with the fruit :)

  2. They were delicious! We also got some lovely nectarines and apricots at Enniskillen Orchard, 753 Grose Vale Road, Grose Vale. I love stone fruit... I wish these places were closer to the city too (along with the Drive-in Cinema!)