Monday, May 03, 2010

ginger and spice, neutral bay

This isn't exactly the cheapest Malaysian eatery going around (the below meal for 4 of us came to $140 with Chinese tea and chicken rice), but it's mighty tasty (and we didn't hold back on the ordering). Plus apparently Tetsuya's a fan (if the autographed photo of him on display at the restaurant is anything to go by). There's a recommendation I wouldn't discount.

Chef's spring rolls. Not sure how they make the wrappers, but they are deliciously flaky. Only problem is they are so teeny.

The star of the night - half a Hainanese chicken rice. So tender... mmm... we have discovered a make-at-home kit recently that is quite good, but I still think this is delicious.

Char kway teow (stir fried rice noodles). A bit too heavy on the sweet soy for our liking, but maybe that's authentically Malaysian?

Belacan kangkong (water spinach). A bit more chilli than Temasek but always a hit with our table.

Beef rendang. Very tender and tasty. I just wish it'd photograph better.

Deep-fried squid with sweet soy. The deep-frying makes the sweet soy caramalise into a slightly crunchy coating which is utterly delicious. Ditto on the photography remark above though.

Desserts: gula melaka (sago with coconut milk and palm sugar) and borbor chacha (sweet potato and yam/taro in coconut milk).

Definitely worth a visit. Book ahead as it's very popular (but hasn't seemed to have been foodblogged other than by NQN?)

Ginger and Spice
240 Military Road
Neutral Bay NSW 2089

(02) 9908 2552

Cash only

Open 7 days for lunch and dinner, except Monday lunch

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  1. Gorgeous posting, you have a future reviewing food. images were OK, and words worked well. You had me i the restaurant, Gret work will follow you.