Thursday, January 22, 2009

kenta, neutral bay

Being big ramen fans, chapflap and I were super excited to see grabyourfork's entry about a local Japanese magazine's article on Sydney ramen places. We'd been to Kenta for a ramen-free visit sometime last year (the fish katsu was pretty nice), but returned in our (self-imposed!) mission to try all the places on the list.

Edamame - $3.90. A large serving compared to what you usually get. Served warm, which I prefer to the refrigerated cold version.

Takoyaki - $5.90. The movement of the bonito flakes never fails to fascinate me! Not as creamy/ heavy as the takoyaki at Makoto. I prefer this version, plus I liked the accompanying salad.

Shoyu ramen - $8.50, featuring pork, bamboo shoots and corn. I like having a seaweed sheet and boiled egg in my ramen, so I was happy that they came with the dish.

Chashu ramen - $11.50, featuring extra pork. Chapflap gave the soup a 7, the noodles themselves an 8 and the pork a 9. He gives near 10's for all these components at Ryo's...

So ultimately if you're in the Neutral Bay area and in the mood for ramen, your first stop should probably be Ryo's. But if you want a change, definitely give Kenta a try (it's also a good option for Wednesday nights, when Ryo's is closed). We'll come back to try the Dongoru Ramen which was specially created for the magazine - I only read grabyourfork's revised entry after we went.

81 Military Road (near the intersection with Ben Boyd Road)
Neutral Bay NSW 2089

(02) 9953 5422

Open Wednesdays to Sundays 12pm-2pm and 6pm-10pm
Open on Tuesdays 6pm-10pm only

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  1. Bonito flakes really are fascinating. I remember being so puzzled the first time I encountered them. Finding out they were fish didn't really help me make sense of them. I wonder how they were invented.